Fire Cheese

Our raclette cheese is made using a special recipe and in accordance with only the highest standards of quality in both ingredients and production. 

Hand-crafted in the Nordics, closer to the Arctic circle than any other raclette, it is brimming with character that only a land of endless summer evenings and the darkest of winters can bring.

Refined in aroma and with a flavour profile that is mild yet memorable, it has something to offer for every kind of cheese fancier.

Fire Cheese creator

Lasma Adamovica

Creator of Madonas Fire Cheese Lasma Adamovica has a diverse past working in various local and international food and drink manufacturing companies and brand owners. Her interest and special taste for delicacies has been growing during the time, until Lasma finally decided that it is time to create her own, real, natural and refined product.

Fire Cheese was a natural step, taking into account Lasma’s interest about cuisines of different parts of the world, including high quality cheese products. Lasma had been experimenting with different recipes of cheese at home for some time before making this her business.


Fire Cheese takes 5 months to mature, and the process is monitored by a professional food technologist. Madonas Fire Cheese recipe was adapted for mass production by food technologists from Latvia, Estonia, and Georgia, with a prior experience in some of the major food production companies in the Nordic countries.


The cheese factory equipment was ordered from the Central Europe, and Madonas Fire Cheese factory was fully installed in 2020, so that the whole process from ingredients to a fully matured, aromatic cheese can take place in Madona – the green town in Latvia’s countryside. The factory has a specially monitored warehouse where the cheese matures.

While the factory has its storage room, Madonas Fire Cheese does not stay there for long, as someone already is craving for our cheese. Check out pictures in the website’s gallery, if you still do not feel tempted enough.

Fire Cheese


Methods of how to use Madonas Fire Cheese have no limitations. Here are some ideas from our showroom and restaurant host Roland.

Baguette or other bread with a crunchy crust - served with Madond Fire Cheese

Oven or fire baked potatoes with Madonas Fire Cheese

Burger, hot sandwitch with Madonas Fire Cheese

Snack dip or sauce

Other snacks and refereshments


Fire Cheese in grill

Cheese grill

The best way to serve the fire cheese is by heating and partially melting it in a special cheese grill. You can obtain such grills in special horeca equipment shops.  It is also possible to purchase cheese grills for home use, or you can always use your oven with a grill function.

Work with Madonas Fire Cheese

If you would like to sell Madonas Fire Cheese in your retail store or chain, or you represent a restaurant – please reach out to us.