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Tempting novelty in the restaurant world – matured, melting cheese to prepare and decorate an alluring dish.

Madonas Fire Cheese


Madonas Fire Cheese was first introduced to gourmets in 2020, but its story started many years ago. During times, when in its country of origin in Northern Europe there was a limited variety of cheese available, real cheese lovers with some wider view of the world started to experiment with different recipes, by perfecting their own recipe of a balanced and smoothly melting cheese.
In 2020, it was decided to create Madonas Fire Cheese, to make it an integral part of meals in restaurants and homes.

In restaurants from 2021.

Kartupeļi ar sieru

Fire cheese grill

Vegetables, optional meat and fruits of your choice, grilled together with Madonas Fire Cheese. Melts in your mouth.

Potato in cheese

Everything ingenious is simple. One of the most popular products and dishes in Europe are made of potato. Because the details are what count.


A perfected cheese, melting even before reaching your mouth.
Ingemārs Dzenis
Ingemars Dzenis
Owner of numerous restaurants in Latvia
A great example of an inspiration gained overseas, in this case - in the heights and alleys of Alps, which then results in a high quality and demanded product.
Iveta Vabule
Iveta Vabule
Madonas business incubator manager
The town of Madona now is not only the place where the best live beer is produced, but also the home of a unique cheese.
Rolands Zaharovs
Rolands Zaharovs
Madonas beer owner